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Sally of Frederick, MD says:

Denise Sharpe is the first stylist that has given me longevity with someone that understands my needs. Denise’s formula for success is simple really; she listens to her clients, ensures she understands what you want and then infuses this understanding with her talent to give you what you asked for. I would travel long distances to get this kind of care and treatment. Most people are passionate about their hair care needs and you are definitely in good hands with Denise. It doesn’t hurt that she is also very prompt, flexible and one of the nicest people you can ever hope to meet!


Penny of Bethesda, MD says:

No matter what a woman’s age, the way she feels about her hair fundamentally affects the way she feels about herself. So her relationship with her hairdresser is one of the most important partnerships in her life.

Denise Sharpe consistently gives me haircuts that work for me – they look good and they’re easy to manage – and simply gorgeous color — whether I want to go long, short or in-between, dark, blond or medium. Plus, she’s an upbeat, positive, warm and spiritual person who creates a nurturing and relaxing experience in her salon. She’s creative in her approach – not just to hairdressing, but in every aspect of the client experience. No matter how stressed I may be when I get there, I always feel better when I leave.

And she’s a really nice person to boot. The kind of person you’d be friends with even if she weren’t your hairdresser.
What more could a woman want?


Kimberely of Kensington, MD says:

Denise Sharpe is truly the best hair stylist I have been to in all my years. She is the ONLY stylist who could actually style my hair after cutting.
I didn’t have to wear the baseball cap I always bring when I get my hair cut, nor did I rush home and wash my hair to style it again. She gave great tips on keeping my color fresh and which shampoos would help my dry ends! Lux Studios is really nice too, very elegant! I can’t recommend Denise enough!


Emily Lederer — Mom Of 3.— of Clarksburg, MD says:

Denise Sharpe has been styling my hair for over 6 years, and I’ve never trusted anyone more than her! She is very talented, professional, and sweet, and always up-to-date with the latest trends. She never fails to make this mom of three kids feel glamourous and hip!! Now that my daughter, Lauren, is 5 years old, she has started to get her hair cut by Denise, as well, and she LOVES it!! Denise is wonderful with Lauren and does an amazing job! We love her!!


Penny C. of Silver Spring says:

“I am a 56 year old woman and have been “stylist shy” my enitre life. There have only been 3 people allowed near my hair with the intention of cutting without me running for the hills… Denise Sharpe is one of them. She feels my direction…and takes me there. I don’t handle “change” well and when I made this huge decision to grow my hair out — it was only about l/2″ long at its longest point–I knew the process would be painful. That would be true in anyone else’s hands but Denise…even during the phase where you know people are looking at you going ” is that woman aware she’s wearing ear -muffs and its summer” …I looked good. Denise made that possible. She is the single most gifted stylist I have ever known! Women are constantly commenting on how “amazing my hair is…who do you see”…my answer, “the only stylist you should ever climb in the chair of …Denise Sharpe!” I’m a natural redhead but as I entered my 50’s the red seemed to fall out. and never once in all my years have I used anything other than shampoo and conditioner. With the skill Denise possesses, I now have the hair color of my youth…every single highlight and undertone is there!

Denise is gifted … beyond gifted!!!”


Saya from Kensington, MD says:

I have been going to Denise Sharpe in Bethesda, MD for over 10 years. You can always count on beautiful hair! Denise has a way of making my hair feel longer… YES you heard it right, she cuts it to be longer! She has had so much education and training you know you are getting the BEST!


Lisa says:

I just have to share my wonderful experience I had this weekend for anyone who is in search of a new hairdresser. I was in town visiting my family for the holiday weekend when they took me to see Denise Sharpe. My kids were sick of me complaining about my bad haircut I have been growing out since February! Yikes , quite honestly I think that they were tired of looking at me, My daughter heard about a curly hair stylist, Denise Sharpe from a friend, She made my appointment for this past Saturday. Yes, I was able to get squeezed in. I just have to say, I left feeling like a million bucks. It wasn’t how much hair she took off but more importantly the styling techniques & products to “wake my curls up” . I highly recommend any one in need of a new stylist to check out DENISE. I look great, At least that’s what my daughters keep saying. I can’t wait for my next visit back in town. Thanks Denise. I can’t wait to get back to see my husband. Perfect before the new school year.


Anne of Washington says:

“I went to Denise Sharpe @ Lux Studios recently for color & cut & I was very pleased. I loved meeting Denise for the first time & not only because she did a great job & my hair looks amazing, but more importantly because she listened to me & gave me really good beauty advice. Recommend her without reservations!! Check her out!”


Karen of Germantown says:

Because of all the wonderful reviews Denise Sharpe was receiving I decided to check her out. Visiting her was the best thing I did for my self in a long time. I am a working Mom of 4 little ones. Denise & her apprentice Paula were fantastic I got great color and a wonderful cut. Provably the best I have had! Thanks Denise for making me feel beautiful & special. Thanks for all the great reviews Fans. I will definitely send my family and friends her way.


Beth Albaneze, MA CTRS CPRP of Olney, MD says:

I have known Denise Sharpe from Lux Studios for more than a decade and have followed her to every hair salon except when she moved to New York. I also have a unique relationship with Denise and have a chance to see her in her other roles which many clients don’t witness.

Denise is a gift to anyone who knows her. First of all she has the capacity to share her positive feelings about people without ever wanting any comment, material item, favor in return. She appreciates what life has to offer not what she wants out of life…very different things. It never ceases to amaze me when I either observe Denise using her creativity on the many clients or hear about shows, clients she has assisted over these many years. What I am describing does not even scratch the surface since she performs beautiful custom designs for weddings and other special functions.

If you go to Denise professionally, I guarantee you she will devote 100% plus to satisfy your vision and really might stay up at night worrying if you are not totally satisfied. She lives and breathes what she does and is such a talented woman in the industry in many ways besides her hair styling.

One might not know that she is also an Educator to the experts and to up and coming salon employees from all over the world. She teaches on a variety of topics…and did I mention she taught in Italy?

Denise has the kind of character where once she knows you she never forgets you. YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED.